Meat in the Morning

Let’s be honest with one another that is a creepy title, but it is also accurate. This morning I got up all ready to throw this super simple Pork and Apples recipe from Eat,Live,Run into the crockpot only to discover I was missing a major player…the pork! How this happened is an absolute mystery. Amy and our other roommate had made the weekly grocery shopping trip and I swore when they got home I saw pork chops in the fridge. Yet somehow, this morning the pork chops were no where MIA! So, this is why I found myself in Trader Joe’s at 8am buying meat. I was feeling pretty self conscious about my strange purchase so I picked up spinach and broccoli as side dishes for tonight’s dinner as well.

I briskly walked the few blocks home and fortunately this recipe was actually only 5 minutes of prep, because at this point I was pretty late for work. I threw into the crock-pot 3 boneless pork chops (slim pickings at Trader Joe’s) since they didn’t have a bone to help keep them moist I left the fat on the chops. The only special addition to this recipe was the kind of mustard I used, Amy’s family has a mustard mill in Maine so we happened to have this guy in the fridge.


Yeah that’s some White Lightning for ya…I have no idea where I’m going with this. And then 9 hours later I came home to tender pork with sweet apples and onions. Which I served with a side of sauteed mushrooms and spinach, and roasted paprika broccoli.

Keep in mind the recipe calls for 6 hours of cooking, so Amy was kind enough to turn the crockpot to warm when she got home from work. Sadly we didn’t get to devour this the second I got home because we had a late workout session with our trainer, Kris. We usually see him every Tuesday night but this particular Tuesday was even later, no dinner for us until 9:30pm. Now don’t panic I know what “they” say about eating late, but guess what your body processes things the exact same way regardless of the time. Eating late got a bad rap because people tend to over eat at night, however if you haven’t exceeded your allotted calories for the day and it’s after 9pm you’re in the clear. (this is just in our humble opinion) For more information on this topic check out Can You Stay for Dinner’s post.


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