Paleo Maple Bacon Meatballs

I know I know this the second meat post in a row but in my defense we aren’t eating sugar, white flour, or legumes at my house this week. This recipe I am actually making to bring in for my work potluck. I chose a Paleo recipe because many of my coworkers are on low carb diets so I thought it would be a nice option.


The recipe for maple bacon meatballs came from one of my favorite paleo bloggers. It looked pretty easy and yet some how I overlooked the step that instructs you to pull out your food processor. The food processor is a touchy subject for me, I may have once called my roommate Ibby in tears because I couldn’t get it to turn on and there for couldn’t grind the lamb so ergo there would be no dinner and we would all starve. And, yes our conversation was just as much of a run on as that sentence. But I did already get all the ingredients so I decided it was time to show the food processor whose boss. (this was an actual mini pep talk I gave myself)

I managed to shred the sweet potato, mushrooms, onions, and garlic with little trouble. However I am a huge baby about touching raw meat, I have an absurd fear of food born illnesses. It’s borderline ridiculous but I can rattle off the internal temperatures of different meats, poultry, etc. because I am a food safety freak. So about touching the raw meat…yeah that wasn’t really my jam instead I just used a large wooden spoon to combine all the ingredients and then scooped out all 48!!! meatballs with a small ice cream scoop. Why 48 meatballs? Well I was under the deluded impression that 1 batch made 12 meatballs, I figured I’d double it to have enough to bring to work. Four cookie sheets worth of meatballs later and low and behold each batch makes 24 meatballs at 71 calories/meatball (just in case math isn’t your thing, I can relate).

Here is the nutritional info for the meatballs. They are pretty tasty and definitely pack a lot of breakfast flavor. I force fed one to Amy at 10pm and even she liked them!

Serves  24 people
Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Sweet Potato – 1 Medium Sweet Potato ,(2″ Dia, 5″ Long) Baked In Skin, No Salt , 1 medium 103 24 0 2
Veg – Mushroom, 1/2 cup 5 1 0 1
Onions – Raw, 1 medium (2-1/2″ dia) 46 11 0 1
Syrups – Maple, 2 tbsp 104 27 0 0
Jimmy Dean Original Pork Sausage – Ground Pork Sausage, 16 oz 1,440 8 120 80
Total: 1698 71 120 84
Per Serving: 71 3 5 4

These would be even more delicious with an apricot maple dipping sauce, just throwing that out there send it right on back if you don’t like it.


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