Every Day I’m Hustling

Saturday’s run was a hard one: 7 miles sub race pace. Our goal is to run the half marathon in under 2 hours, which is a 9:09 minute/mile pace. So today, we got out there and hammered 7 miles averaging 8:40 pace.


It was HARD, but we were prepared for it with low expectations and plenty of layers. Take a hard workout and add a nice chilly head wind in there for fun, and you’ve got winter running in New England.

In less than ideal conditions, it’s the little things that get you through these tough workouts. First and foremost: a dedicated workout partner. The chances of me leaving a cozy couch to beat myself up along the Charles is slim to none without “encouragement” from Amy. Being accountable to another person is huge motivation to stick to your training plan when conditions are less than ideal. Also, burning calories with a quality workout early in the day gives some calorie wiggle room for going out that night.

The second thing that we are big advocates for is workout wear. If working out is your hobby, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend money on it. Our go to workout clothing brand is lululemon: nothing compares to the quality, comfort, and style. It may be expensive, but definitely passes the under a dollar per wear test.


I wore the ice queen long sleeve on our run and it was flawless. The thumb holes hit at the perfect length so a good portion of your hand is covered, but still with room for range of motion. The quilted patches on the shoulders and elbows are more than a just cute detail and add functional warmth. And if I’m going to be running all over Boston, I want to look as good as possible doing it. This top is flattering enough to run into your friends (or that cute guy from last night) on the Esplanade and not feel like a sweaty mess. Overall, I was thrilled with this purchase, and finishing our run at our target pace!


Tuesday: Work it Out

Today is the day we pay to get our asses kicked. This past Tuesday might be the hardest workout we’ve done yet. Granted, we were coming off of an 11 mile run weekend, so we set ourselves up for a rough night. Here is the breakdown of our workout- being the amateur fitness “gurus” that we are we hope you will gain motivation, inspiration, or just a good laugh from this ridiculousness.

cat_working_out-1280x800                       our thoughts exactly by the end of the workout

Carido/Weight warm up- Alternate (2 sets) total of 6 each

  •  sprint pushing weighted sled down hallway x3
  • kettle bells swings (24kg) as fast as possible x3

*legs felt great on the first sled push- second sled push was straight painful.

Having Kris yell “GET THERE” at us kept us going (yeah, we’re weird and respond well to yelling encouragement. I blame years of rowing)

Kettle bell Circuit- 2 sets

  • Single leg deadlift (12kg) x 12 each side
  • Clean and push press (12kg) x12 each side
  • Figure 8 (12kg) x12 each side
  • Sling shot (12kg) x12 each side

TRX Circuit- 2 sets

  • pushups x12
  • single leg row x12 each side
  • single leg squat x12 each side
  • dynamic body bridge x12 *not actual name [feet go in TRX straps assume body bridge position then bring feet towards your body lifting your booty in the air] – these are a killer

Go get after it!!!