She’s a beauty


That’s what you call a lattice crust nom nom nom


Then and Now

Then and Now (not to be confused with the movie Now and Then)

Amy and I back in College…college

kelsy.amy_now …Amy and I now

Not much has changed minus the wildly politically incorrect costumes. But post graduation has forced us to grow up and learn the importance of taking care of ourselves. The basis of which involves going into the kitchen and the gym on a regular basis. We are huge fans of food and healthy living bloggers but it seems all our favorite bloggers are all wifed up. The goal of this blog is to share our lifestyles as two 23 year olds who enjoy cooking, exercising, and the occasional rager. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean not having fun and it doesn’t have to wait until you are shacked up with a guy. We will post our recipes, workouts, and daily musings…try not to judge but we don’t blame you if you do.